The benefits of wearing silver jewellery are listed below:

1. Balances internal blood circulation and heat regulation of the human body

studies have proved that a person wearing silver jewellery has not only improved blood circulation but also a balanced body heat regulation because silver components have healing properties that provide an enhanced elasticity of the blood vessels which in turn results in making the bone stronger, healing a broken skin or a wound. Silver also checks the water contained in our blood that provides massive support in body heat regulation because almost 70% of the human body contains water and we all are aware that water has a high temperature retaining capacity.

2. Signals us about the reactions happening inside our body

women wearing silver jewellery often realises that their silver jewellery has turned blue or the skin in contact with the jewellery has violet patches. This indicates that some reactions are happening inside our body and the positive ion particles of silver signal us by turning the skin violet or the metal turning blue. This usually happens when the sodium balance inside our body is not stable. We should take measures accordingly by controlling the salt intake and cutting down snacks to follow a healthy diet.

3. Silver holds a spiritual value

Among the many other benefits of wearing silver jewellery, silver possesses a spiritual and cultural value also. Carried on from ancient ages by our ancestors, we often find that birthstones suggested by astrologers have silver support. Silver is generally chosen for support behind the birthstones because silver does not react with the birthstones and does not decrease the chances for the birthstone to not work. Silver also comes in various shapes, sizes and design options so you have a vast section of customisable choices to make your birthstone jewellery look stylish.

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